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Imagine people living in the flight path of an airport. For example, the Rhine-Main Airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Maybe they personally rarely or never fly. But they are affected by the airport’s impact every day. It’s noisy, it stinks, and the air they breathe is sometimes unpleasant and perhaps even harmful.

Photo by Martin Rajdl on Unsplash
They should be compensated for this impact. Right?

And that is exactly what the Frankfurt airport company FraPort is doing. More than 12,000 homeowners receive several thousand euros just for the aircraft noise they have to endure outside their homes. FraPort also assumes the costs of structural changes for noise protection inside and many other things.

FraPorts business is airport operation. They serve airlines that serve people that want to fly. They pay for that and Fraport makes a profit on that. And they compensate the general public.

All people are impacted by pollution.
All people deserve a compensation!
Photo by Yaroslav Boshnakov on Unsplash

All people in the world are exposed to pollution from others who pollute the air, water and soil. These people also have a right to compensation. UIO represents the interests of all people and their right to compensation. This is driven by the initiative.






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