The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION (UNO) is the intergovernmental organization of nation-states. Their main goal is to maintain peace between nations. In this, they have been quite successful.

Nation-states and the UN have not yet been successful in addressing the global challenges of environmental pollution and natural resource degradation. According to experts, this might be systemic.

The UNITED INDIVIDUALS ORGANISATION (UIO) is the organization of all people.

The UIO has the goal to support the UN and the nation-states to reach the ESG targets. This is done by making polluters and detractors of natural resources pay compensation and distributing this compensation equally to all human beings.


UIO is based on the fact that all living things on Earth have a natural, inalienable right to fresh air, clean water, and the use of sufficient land to survive. The goal of the UIO is to give all people their due. The UIO constitutes itself on the basis of its charter.


The idea of the UIO became possible through the internet and blockchain technology. While all technologies are at hand, the implementation will take some time. The development is driven by the rebalancing.earth initiative.